If you were offered the opportunity to access
high quality supported housing
, would you take it?

What are our partners saying?

It’s been a pleasure to work with iNKFISH. Their team is always professional and responsive and has guided us carefully through the process. We are extremely excited to complete our first project with them soon and look forward to working with iNKFISH again in the future.

Forge House Care

iNKFISH have found solutions to housing-related challenges that we have faced as a complex needs provider that other companies have failed to achieve alongside a determination to help us develop new and innovative housing solutions for the individual’s Nexus provides support for now and in the future…

Nexus Support


We won’t charge you to work with us, so beyond your time and commitment to setting up a project, working with iNKFISH is FREE.

Simply put; we provide the housing, you provide the care.